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Designed by Martha Moseman
  1. Cut Magic Cross Book from marine blue cardstock. Assemble.
  2. Cut wave border from bright blue and light blue. Trim bright blue border to approximately 1 ½” x 5 ½”. Make sure book opening is horizontal and adhere waves to bottom left edge of book.
  3. Cut 2” x 4” strip of green cardstock. Trim to shape of a land piece. Adhere to bottom right portion of page, overlapping waves.
  4. Cut yellow sun and adhere to upper center portion of page.
  5. Cut black arrow and adhere to left portion of page above water.
  6. Use black marker to add details and wording to page.
  7. Fold book to show page two. Cut water and land as in Steps 2 and 3. Adhere to page.
  8. Cut two white clouds and one gray cloud. Adhere to page as desired, remembering that water, land, and anything adhered to upper center portion of page will be seen on the following page. Add detail and wording with marker.
  9. For page three cut light blue raindrops and two dark gray clouds. Adhere clouds to upper portion of page and raindrops randomly onto both sections of page. Add detail and wording with marker.
  10. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for fourth page.
  11. Cut two dark gray clouds and one light gray cloud. Adhere to page above water and land.
  12. Cut a few light blue raindrops and adhere to page below clouds.
  13. Cut one straight and on curved arrow from black cardstock. Adhere straight arrow pointing downward onto left side of page below clouds. Adhere curved arrow to right side of page pointing toward the land to show how water runs off the land into the water.
  14. Add details to page with marker.

Water Cycle Magic Cross Book
Lesson 3957 Grade Level 3 through 8
Students will understand the water cycle better when they make this foldable illustrating the steps involved. The continuous nature of the foldable book emphasizes that the water cycle is also a continuous process. Make the book using cut out shapes as in the directions or have your students draw their own illustrations.

Download assembly instructions
Categories:   Life Science  
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Border-Waves Border-Waves  (BR170LC) Quantity
Long Cut $70.00
11 1/16"w
Arrows #1  (A1411) Quantity
Magic Book Book-Magic Cross  (B1592J) Quantity
Jumbo $60.00
8 1/8"w x 4"h
Sun #9 Sun #9  (S2514S) Quantity
Small $55.00
3"w x 3"h
Raindrops #2 Raindrops #2  (ZR1200L) Quantity
Large $40.00
Sizes from 9/16"w x 1 1/16"h to 1 7/16"w x 2 7/16"h
Clouds #2 Clouds #2  (C2101S) Quantity
Small $35.00
1 7/8"w x 1 1/4"h, 2 3/8"w x 1 1/2"h
Suggested Machine  
MARK 5 Die-Cutting Machine MARK 5 Die-Cutting Machine  (AC5500) Quantity
Other Materials
Cardstock - Bright Blue, Marine Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White.
Marker - Black Fine-Line