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Designed by Martha Moseman
  1. Cut one yellow and one green book cover. Place two green panes side by side vertically on table. Apply double-stick tape in each outside corner of book cover, making sure to stay within 2 inch square parameter. Carefully adhere yellow panels horizontally on top of green cover panels. Apply pressure to taped corners to make sure adhesive sticks well.
  2. Cut two green grass borders. Cut one border into sections that will fit along bottom edge of cover, but not covering book cover perforations. Adhere to book cover.
  3. Cut one pink pig and adhere to grass border. Use marker to add detail and attach wiggle eye.
  4. Write title and draw web and spider with marker.
  5. Carefully fold yellow pages back along perforation.
  6. Cut second grass border into sections as in Step #2 and adhere to bottom edge of yellow inside cover. Border will need to be thinner so it will be seen clearly when next book section is exposed.
  7. Cut white clouds, pink pig, 1 cream and 1 brown girl head, black spider, 1 white and 1 yellow duck, and red mouse. Use paper layering technique for girl and duck. Adhere to green portion of second book page as desired and add details to characters with marker. Make sure that clouds are adhered onto top yellow section  so that they will be seen on next book section. Write character names and title of section with marker. Adhere wiggle eyes to spider.
  8. Fold book exposing third section. Cut one red, one black,and one brown barn. Use paper layering technique to assemble. Adhere pieces together. Cut barn horizontally to fit onto yellow section of book making sure that silo will not be seen from second section of book.
  9. Cut small piece of grass border and adhere next to barn.
  10. Cut blue award. Adhere to yellow section of book below barn.
  11. Write section title and setting information with marker on green portions of third section. Add details to die cuts with marker.
  12. Fold book to fourth book section. Computer generation plot information. Cut into sections and adhere to center of section.
  13. Cut one pink mini pig. Adhere to section next correct plot information piece.
  14. Cut one blue award. Adhere to book section next to coordinating information.
  15. Draw webs next to coordinating information with marker.
  16. Write section title with marker and add details to die cuts with marker.

To Learn: Show students how to assemble books as you discuss the story. Or assemble books, then ask students to glue shapes and write on pages during discussion.

Charlotte's Web Book Report
Lesson 3348
Students can create interactive book reports with the Magic Cross die. Each page opens to reveal characters, plot, timeframe and location.
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Border-Grass Border-Grass  (BR270LC) Quantity
Long Cut $85.00
10 5/8"w x 2"h
Pig Pig  (P1400S) Quantity
Small $50.00
3"w x 1 5/8"h
Awards Awards  (A1501) Quantity
Spider #3 Spider #3  (S1822S) Quantity
Small $75.00
3"w x 1 7/16"h
Magic Book Book-Magic Cross  (B1592J) Quantity
Jumbo $60.00
8 1/8"w x 4"h
Girl #5 Girl #5  (G1320L) Quantity
Large $60.00
3 3/4"w x 5"h
Clouds #2 Clouds #2  (C2101S) Quantity
Small $35.00
1 7/8"w x 1 1/4"h, 2 3/8"w x 1 1/2"h
Barn #3 Barn #3  (Z01105S) Quantity
Small $65.00
Animals #1 Animals #1  (A1999) Quantity
Suggested Machine  
MARK 5 Die-Cutting Machine MARK 5 Die-Cutting Machine  (AC5500) Quantity
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Wiggly Eyes
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